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Our products

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Rigid packaging
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Carton packaging
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Corporate material
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Media books
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Promotional and office material




  • Prepress and design
  • Consulting clients
  • Making mockups and samples
  • Plotting, cutting and making proofs
  • Digital printing – Xerox Versant 3100
  • CTcP device for laser exposure and developing offset plates
  • Highly professional staff with many years of experience
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  • KBA Rapida 105-5 + L (CX) PWHA UV Hybrid, B1 (730mm x 1050mm)
  • Heidelberg Speed Master 74-4P + L, B2 (530mm x 740mm)
  • CIP 3 – direct connection between prepress and press
  • Humidification system
  • Highly professional staff with many years of experience
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  • Highly professional team with many years of experience in machine and manual finishing that easily satisfies the quality standards of the world’s most demanding brands
  • Cutting on a graphic knife
  • Three knife trimmer
  • Folding sheets
  • Collecting sheets
  • Sewing sheets
  • Soft cover
  • Hard cover
  • Wire-O-binding
  • Machine gluing
  • Machine lamination
  • Hot lamination
  • Stamping and tool making
  • Hot foil print
  • Embossing
  • Line for fine cardboard packaging
  • Line for luxury rigid box packaging
  • Thermal wrapping machine
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About us

About us

Stojkov printing house was founded in 1963 as a family business, and to this day it remains completely in private ownership.

The persistent and diligent work of three generations has led to the continuous growth and development of the company.

As a commercial offset printing house, specialising in fine packaging, in addition to an extremely wide range of products, it is highly positioned both on the domestic and foreign market.

The company pays special attention to the staff consisting of 75 highly skilled, professional, qualified and experienced people. We constantly invest in the training of our team of specialists, which raises their motivation and standard of the company. Modern equipment enables that every job is being conducted professionally and with the highest quality, from the conception of the idea to the final product. The client gets the impression that decades of experience, knowledge and skills of the experts in the field of graphic design are woven into this product.

Stojkov’s printing house always chooses the best for its associates, trusts its people and supports their initiative and innovations. An atmosphere of order and responsibility was created in this way, with a clearly defined mission, vision and business philosophy, and a slogan that everyone tries to justify in practice: One step ahead of all!

With such an attitude, a healthy company and a recognizable brand in the business world have been successfully built. A brand which leaves a deep mark in the graphic design profession locally and abroad. This has all made the long tradition of Stojkov printing house a respectable institution.

Today, Stojkov printing house operates in a modern and contemporary facility of 3,000 square meters, built to the highest standards and equipped with machines of the highest quality.



The history of Stojkov printing house is permeated with numerous events, important decisions, investments, innovations and constant work and progress over the course of more than half a century.

Following are only some of them, summarized in chronological order.


Stojkov Printing House was founded on Aug. 3rd as an independent screen printing workshop by Ruža and Mihajlo Stojkov in their family house in Novi Sad.

Stojkov Printing House was founded on Aug. 3rd as an independent screen printing workshop by Ruža and Mihajlo Stojkov in their family house in Novi Sad.

A 70 square meter workshop was built in the yard of the family house

New Italian equipment was purchased, the screen printing machine Argon compact II in B-1 format with the accompanying equipment

A letter from President Tito and the executive bureau of the SKJ presidency was received, which almost led to the store being closed.

10 years of work

Another screen printing machine was installed, also up to B-1 format, Hartfeld brand. With that purchase, the capacity of the firm was doubled. The Marler dryer from England was purchased the same year.

OHZ – Original Heidelberg Cylinder was purchased

Membership in the Virginia Screen Printing Association International SGIA (USA)

The son of Mihajlo and Ruža Stojkov, Mihajlo, after graduating from the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb and completing his military service, becomes fully involved in the family manufacture.

20 years of work

The third screen printing machine “Svecia”, for A1 format, and the Polar Mohr cutting machine were bought.

The first Heidelberg GTO 42 offset machine (A-3 format) and Eskofot repro camera were purchased

Heidelberg SORM, offset one-color machine in B-2 format was purchased

Sale of complete screen printing equipment with the decision that the company will develop in offset technology in the future

We were among the first in the country to install Apple Macintosh computers with an Apple laser printer

Another offset machine was purchased, the one-color Heidelberg SORM in addition to Polygraph folding machines, putting Stojkov printing house at the forefront in equipment and technology among privately owned printing houses in the country.

A new offset machine was purchased, Heidelberg GTO 52 (B-3 format) with numbering and perforation

30 years of work. On that occasion a retrospective exhibition of graphic design called “View through the Stojkov press” was held (in 7 cities in Serbia and in 1995 in 4 cities in Macedonia).

Opening of a new production-business printing house facility of 1,000 square meters. Since then, November 21st is commemorated as the company’s anniversary and celebrated as the company’s patron saint day (St. Michael the Archangel)

The founder of Stojkov printing house, Mihajlo Stojkov, passed away

A new four-color offset machine with coating unit in B-2 format, Heidelberg Speed Master 74 + 4-L was purchased

CTP Heidelberg Pro-Setter 74, RIP Meta Dimension, Signa Station, the first of its kind in the country was purchased

40 years of work.

The foundation for a new printing house is laid. The same year, the printing house changes from being a “Sole proprietorship business” to an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

A four-color offset machine in B-2 format, Heidelberg SM 74-4-P was purchased

With the opening of a new part of the printing house, the production and business space is expanded to 3,250 square meters

A new era in offset printing up to B-1 format begins, with the purchase of a five-color offset machine Heidelberg Speed Master 102-5-P3

The third generation of the Stojkov family, Aleksandra Stojkov, starts working in the family company.

Two Xerox DocuColor 8000 digital printing machines were purchased

The third generation of Stojkov family, Mihajlo Stojkov, joins the family business.

50 years of work.

A five-color offset machine with a coating unit KBA Rapida 75-5 + L was purchased

A perfecting four-color offset machine with a coating unit, Heidelberg SM 74-4P + L was purchased

A new digital Xerox Versant 3100 machine was purchased

The purchase of a new business-production facility and relocation of the entire company to a new location

An offset five-color machine with varnish unit, hybrid and UV technology, KBA Rapida 105-5 + L + UVH was purchased

A folder gluer Bobst Amazon 100 II for boxes and a machine for hot foil stamping up to B-2 format were purchased

An Italian line for luxury cardboard packaging was purchased


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ISO 9001

Quality Assurance Management

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ISO 14001

Environmental Management

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ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment

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FSC ™ standard

Forest Stewardship Council ®

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